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How do I create an account with your company?

Print and fill out a copy of the “New Customer Information Sheet” found on our Forms page, Fill it out and send it in WITH your gear.

What is the process to send my gear in for cleaning or repairs?

Print a work order form from our Forms page, fill it out and send it in WITH your gear. No need to email it ahead of time, this ensures that the receiving department receives all the proper paperwork at the time of check-in and prevents any hold-ups on the order.

If you’re within our pick-up/delivery area, feel free to call and schedule a pickup otherwise, include the work order forms with your PPE in the shipping box.

Does my gear have to be cleaned before sending it to you?

No, you are not obligated to launder your turnouts before sending them to us.

However, for the safety of our employees and per OSHA’s standards, we cannot work on any dirty gear. If there is any doubt that gear has not been thoroughly washed immediately before shipping to our facility, we will clean the gear and wash charges will be invoiced to your department.

How do I know if my gear is clean enough?

One way to test the level of cleanliness is to rub a damp cloth or dry piece of paper on your turnouts. If it comes off free of residues or stains, it’s more than likely ok. If any dirt or grime transfer to the cloth or paper it will need to be cleaned again. There are a lot of factors that go into a thorough wash. Sometimes machines can be under or overloaded, or the wash program may not be set up correctly. These variables can sometimes inhibit a thorough cleaning on your turnouts.

Are there any limitations to what your organization can do with turnouts?

Not really! We abide by NFPA 1851 Standards as well as manufacturer recommendations. Our sewers and alterationists are professionals and can handle the most intricate of customizations. Give us a call or email us with your retrofit inquiries.

I hear you pay for half of the shipping costs. How does that work?

We will cover half of the shipping for any gear sent to us for Advanced Cleaning and Inspections. Email info@northwestsafetyclean.com requesting a label and which shipping carrier you prefer, UPS or FedEx, and we will have a shipping label sent to your inbox. Return shipping will be charged to your invoice once gear maintenance is completed and shipped back.

I’m not sure if I want to spend a lot of money on my gear for repairs. Will you give me an estimate first?

Yes, estimates are available, but there must be paperwork included with the gear requesting an estimate as well as contact information for who to send the estimate report to. Please note, gear sent in for estimates will have a slightly longer turnaround due to the additional steps and approval waiting time.

What is your standard turnaround time?

Turnaround time varies, depending on what our production lineup is at the time the gear is received. 5-7 business days is the usual turnaround time for standard inspections and repairs. If gear needs additional alterations, decon cleaning, estimate approval etc…additional time may be needed.

The manufacturers and NFPA suggest sending gear to a verified ISP. Is Northwest Safety Clean a verified ISP?

YES, both of our locations are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) verified per 1851 and 1855. Our Milwaukie, OR location is also UL 1971 and 1977 component certified for F.R. screen printing.

We have gear contaminated with blood. Is there a special process to send it in?

Yes. Any gear contaminated with biohazard agents should be bagged in a red BIO bag or double-bagged in any other type of plastic bag. For the safety of our employees, all bags should be clearly marked with the possible contaminates.

I have some gear that needs some warranty work. Can I send that to you?

Absolutely. Please list “warranty work” on your paperwork so our receiving department can check the gear in accordingly for warranty approval and billing.