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NFPA Cleaning

Clean Gear is Safe Gear

Protect your health with regular turnout cleanings. They reduce the amount of cancer-causing carcinogens and hydrocarbons being stored in your bunker gear, prolong the life of the equipment, and minimizes the flammability of your PPE.

All of our cleaning and inspection services meet or exceed NPFA 1851 and 1855 standards. We are UL verified to work on all outer shells and a variety of moisture barriers including CROSSTECH Black, CROSSTECH 3-layer, GORE® Parallon, GORE® S/R, Stedair® 3000, Stedair® 4000 and more

Advanced Clean

  • Cleaning of Outer Shell and Liner
  • NFPA advanced Inspection on Outer Shell and Liner
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test
  • Water/Soil Repellent Treatment
  • Crossed Flags Tracking System

Advanced Inspection

Routine Wash

  • Cleaning of Outer Shell and Liner

Cleaner than Clean

Northwest Safety Clean is one of the only ISP’s to offer Ozone Cleaning of firefighter, hazmat, and search and rescue gear. This process is 100% hypoallergenic and decontaminates materials 99.9999%.

Ozone cleaning is often used in hospitals, hotels, and prisons because of its superior ability to kill microbiological organisms and viruses. Including the 13 superbugs such as C. Diff and MRSA, versus a traditional cleaning with an iodine based cleanse.

Get Your Gear Cleaned!

Not your Average Washing Machine

Our Ultrasonic Machine is capable of cleaning non-porous surfaces such as masks, helmets, boots and breathing apparatus. The power of this machine comes from its cavitation ability, cleaning places we can’t see or touch. Soap molecules get into these areas and explode. Cleaning your gear with soundwaves, ensuring a much more thorough clean than washing by hand.

Pick up and Delivery

We split the cost of shipping for all customers outside our free delivery and pick-up range. We’ll pay to have it shipped to us, you just pay the cost of having it shipped back to you. Call to inquire about our free delivery/pick-up range and order minimums.