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SR-71 Cleaning Products

SR-71 Turnout & PPE Cleaner

Make Sure Your PPE is as Safe as Possible

A clean, light-colored turnout can reflect up to 30% more radiant heat. SR-71 Turnout & PPE Cleaner will keep the integrity of your gear’s defenses intact by removing toxic residue and combustible hydrocarbon buildup.

Easy and Safe to Use

Meets NFPA Standards and is hand and machine-washing safe for a multitude of fabrics including:

  • Kevlar®
  • Nomex®
  • Duck
  • Nylon
  • PBI®
  • Hypalon®
  • Nitrile
  • Rubber
  • Fiberglass
  • Polycarbonate®
  • And more

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SR-71 SP Spotter

Don’t let stains from one fire, produce another danger.

The buildup of stains, greases, and tar on your turnout gear puts you at increased risk for suit combustion and heat exhaustion. SR-71 SP Spotter is a highly-concentrated, citrus-based presoak that keeps you safe by removing diesel, gasoline, and other petroleum-based by-products. Excellent for washing out stains between yearly cleanings and maintenance.

Easy and Safe to Use

Safe to handle and without harmful environment effects, Turnout Spotter effectively removes dangerous stains. Simply spray directly onto stains before laundering, soak gear before cleaning, or brush in for a simple spot wash. Safe for Nomex™, Kevlar™, and PBI™.

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SR-71 XR PPE Water Repellent

Restore Your Turnout’s Water Resistance

Normal wear and tear and routine cleanings erode the effectiveness of your turnout’s water repellent layer. This increases the risk of hypothermia, steam burn injuries, and the rate of absorption of hazardous and combustible liquids. Fabrics treated with XR Water Repellent better retain their fire resistance characteristics and breathability.

Your turnouts water repellant properties need to be actively maintained. Over time the effectiveness of these topical products diminishes. Make sure your turnout is ready for action by regularly applying XR PPE Water Repellent.

Easy and Safe to Use

Safe to use on PBI®, Kevlar® and Nomex®, XR helps minimize the build-up of stains on your bunker gear, FFE, or raincoat. Meets NFPA 1851 requirements and is safe for Ozone cleaning.

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